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Effortlessly send your top travel-picks each day to the audience that is ready to buy.


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Incomaker automatically posts into your social media, blogs and delivers emails, SMS and mobile notifications.




Immediately see how you turn contacts in your database into paying travelers. Evaluate what campaigns worked, and what strategies payed off.




Customers receive offers tailored to their interests, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.




With over 99% delivery success, we will ensure that your emails reach the recipient's mailboxes, not spam.




Make it easy for travelers to spread word of mouth about your company. Automate the sharing of their testimonials.




Attract people coming to your website with dynamic popups and turn them into paying customers.




Automatically send reminders to customers who did not complete a purchase about their pending order.




We are experts as to GDPR and all other legislative requirements. We guarantee GDPR compliance.


How travel agencies sell more with no additional costs

Every day, SunTravel publishes selected travel deals on their website and social media and sends them to the relevant subscribers via email and SMS. Each customer gets individual, personalized offers. With Incomaker, this toilsome work is done automatically, allowing SunTravel to make more sales with no additional costs.

Automated personalized mailings

Cross-channel campaigns help cut preparation time by up to 70%

Travelo posts to several different social media profiles and onto their mobile application, publishes ads on their blog, and sends out emails and SMS’s. As a result, it used to take them as much as three hours to prepare a campaign. With the implementation of Incomaker, Travelo can now do this in under 20 minutes.

Cross-platform Publishing

Cross-channel marketing

Publish your content instantly into multiple blogs, social media, and send it using mail or SMS.

We are cheap-air-tickets hunters and when we find a good deal, we want to get it to our customers as fast as possible via web, social networks, email, and mobile apps. And this is exactly what we are using Incomaker for.

Jirka Spolek,

Campaign statistics analysis to know what worked

Mediterranean Travel invests a lot of money in attracting visitors to their website. PPC, mailing campaigns, SMS, social media promotion... With Incomaker, Mediterranean Travel knows, what campaigns and media brought sales and what was just losing money. This way they optimize their marketing investments and reach higher ROI than ever before.

Marketing intelligence

Understand your marketing results, see what campaigns worked, and what media bring you money.

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Switch your digital marketing to autopilot.


It can happen that customers visit a travel agency’s website and start to book a trip, but do not finish it. There is a risk of losing such customers, but this problem can be solved. If an email is sent while the order is not finished, it could bring back up to 32% of customers who would otherwise have left for good. If it is a VIP client or the agency is focused on costly premium services, it is better to call the customer instead of writing an email. Both scenarios could be managed automatically by the system that either sends an email or lets a sales person know.


In marketing, it is important to offer the right services to the right people. Travel agencies usually offer a wide variety of destinations, hotels, alimentation, and traveler experiences. If all customers receive the same deals, not only it is much less likely than they will make a purchase (convert), but it is much more likely that they will unsubscribe from your advertisements.
This problem has a solution, and it is called segmentation. Incomaker aggregates and manages information about customers’ preferences. For example, if people express they are interested just in Mediterranean, Incomaker will offer trips to Greece, Spain or Malta, but not Thailand. On the other hand, if they just bought airline tickets to Egypt, it does not make sense to show them similar flights. This way, customers receive information that is meaningful to them. As a result, they tend to buy more and unsubscribe much less.
If the company has an international customer base, which is especially common for travel agencies, it is important to communicate in the language of the recipient. Incomaker can help companies do this automatically by storing the language of all clients, and automatically delivering content in the right language.


A big disadvantage of social media is that companies never have the social network under their control. They can be seldom sure, how many and who exactly sees a commercial and even when it is posted. The ways how they can track the results of the campaigns are also limited to the data that are released by the social network. Nevertheless, travel agencies have something much more powerful. They collect a lot of data about their clients like email addresses and phone numbers that could be used for email and SMS marketing campaigns. Unlike social networks, emailing is fully under the control of the company. It can send emails and SMSs to the precisely selected clients with personalized content, exactly in the time when there is the best chance to reach the audience.
The trick is in sending personalized emails with the offers that perfectly fit what the addressee expects. It means sending each email individually. No one can do it by hand, but a professional tool like Incomaker can solve the problem. It will send the email with the offer to thousands of recipients, each with an individual content for a particular person from salutation to the content. It must assure that the email will successfully pass spam filters and it should deliver the email in the right time where there is the best chance that the email will be opened. Besides that the email must fit various email clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, mobile phones…) and always should look good. To assure it is almost impossible without a professional marketing solution.
If someone clicks on an email with an offer of a particular trip that was targeted directly on the particular contact, there is a higher chance that they are ready to buy. This way companies can increase their conversions dramatically.

Email Marketing Best Practices


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Travel agencies have personal data from travel agreements, but it is also very handy to “catch” as many random visitors of the company web as possible. But people are usually reluctant to fill an email subscription field on the web if they even find it. Web pop-ups are incredibly handy to solve the problem. Pop-ups are small windows that appear on the page either after a visitor spend some time on it, is leaving or in some other cases and ask people for entering e.g. email address or some more information. According to long term experience, using optimized popups, web can collect contacts of 20-30% of all website visitors.
Adding popups to you website is incredibly easy with Incomaker. No coding needed!


No matter if the travel agency sells beach holidays or organizes amazing adventures for incoming travelers, it is necessary to get prospective clients to their website. Social media is amazing, but a personal website is the only place that is 100% under the company’s control. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for a company to ensure their website is in good shape. Visitors search for particular destinations or experiences, hence they should be just on the front page. It is also important that a company's website should be “SEO friendly”. This means that web search engines like Google will put the website higher in their search results. A SEO-friendly website will most likely also be customer-friendly. Incomaker can provide invaluable help in making a website more customer- and SEO- friendly. For example, Incomaker monitors every single click and every single mouse move, and is able to tell the marketer what people engage with, and what they ignore.


Storing information about customers in a single place together with their sales and communication history along with all other relevant information makes the management of customers very easy. Particularly in the case of the management of VIP customers and incoming services, it is very important to treat customers with care and forgetting details could cause problems.
If a travel agency uses a Customer Relationship System (CRM), it is possible to integrate it with Incomaker. If they have no such a CRM, Incomaker provides its own CRM for companies to use.

Staying compliant with GDPR and other regulations

While using personal data including email addresses of EU citizens, it is especially important to follow all valid regulations. Contrary to popular belief, GDPR does not ban sending email nor SMS campaigns. In fact, it hardly even makes it more complicated. If a travel agency wants to send marketing emails to its clients residing outside of the EU, the agency will either need their explicit content. If the client previously bought services from the travel agency, or at least if they communicated with them, such consent is not necessary. Companies are obliged to record the source of the contact and time what it was granted and are obliged to provide the records on demand. Incomaker handles all regulatory requirements automatically so that a travel agency need not worry about it.

How much I pay for one sale? Measuring the results

Bringing new travelers to your website costs money. Travel agencies pay for PPC web ads, or they advertise on YouTube or social media. Part of their traffic comes from organic search. Either way, they need to know, what advertisement channel pays off and what is wasting of time and money. Moreover, it could happen that customers come to the website and leave instead of buying their holiday. Incomaker monitors the path of each individual website visitor. Where they came from? What “touchpoint” did they use? Did they click on a link from an email? What link worked? Did photo of a beach or of a hotel work better? Did they click on a social media post? A web advertisement? Did they go directly to the purchase, or did they leave and return later? With these detailed analytics, the agency can evaluate what marketing strategies are working and what are not, and can compare the revenue from each sale with costs they incur for advertising.