Social Media Automation

Publishing into multiple social networks at once is a piece of cake with us

The question mark will show you how easy it is.


Choose which social networks you want to publish into.

Insert the content of the post.

You can attach pictures or other media.

You get the content for each network with just one click.

Posts are automatically tailored to the needs of individual networks.
You do not have to deal with anything.

Start the campaign straight away or set the time to send it.
You can also start it after approval.


Post on multiple social media accounts

Have you ever realized how much time it takes to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram? Nowadays you need to post content to multiple social media accounts to keep up with your customers. Don't waste time spending hours on posting to all these, just use Incomaker to post to them simultaneously with just one click. Save your time and focus on your content!


Post into blogs

Updating websites is time-consuming, especially when combined with posting into social networks, sending newsletters, etc. Incomaker provides a convenient way how to post into one or multiple websites/blogs, schedule the posts and coordinate it automatically with other marketing channels. Save time and reach a wider audience.

Community marketing

Nurture your community, it's priceless. If you know your fans, no matter if they are your followers on social media, recipients of your email newsletters or any other relationship, you can target them precisely at negligible costs. The probability you sell your product to your community is much higher than to a random customer. Your community not only buys from you, it helps you. They are loyal, they are your ambassadors, they recommend your product, they will answer surveys and they help improve your product (because it is also their product). Elaborate on your community, it could be your best investment ever.


We are cheap-air-tickets hunters and when we find a good deal, we want to get it to our customers as fast as possible via web, social networks, email, and mobile apps. And this is exactly what we are using Incomaker for.

Jirka Spolek,

Post customized contents into multiple profiles

Do you have multiple social media profiles e.g. for your individual products or branches? Post content individually customized for each of them. For example, you can post news into your branches' facebooks with the individual contact addresses and phone numbers just by a single click.

Monitor your competitors


Monitor social media profiles or blogs of your competitors or other points of interest. Not only does Incomaker provide you with a clear dashboard, but it also notifies you if something important happens. Get inspired by good ideas of your competitors and stay ahead always.


Measure social media performance

Measure your engagement, likes, shares, clicks, and conversations. Benchmark your social profiles, analyze and optimize it. Get the maximum from your effort in social media.

Manage your content

Manage your content, collaborate on it with your team, and use it across blogs, social media and other channels. Use content marketing best practices to gain higher ROI from your content.


Manage customers conversations

Don't miss anything your customers write on your social media profiles. Respond in a timely manner. Care about your customers and increase their loyalty.

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