91% open rate for your messages?


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91% open rate for your messages?

  • SMS have excellent average open rates (over 90%)
  • Open-rate adjusted costs of SMS could be almost the same as the costs of the email
  • Click rates of SMS are similar to email (1-4%)

A marketer’s dream is that the customer would read almost every email sent. However, with open rates between 20-25 % it is far from being reality. However, there is a channel with open rates higher than 90% on average: SMS.

According to our research, 91% of marketing text messages delivered to customers are opened and read. No surprise. If you receive a text message, you usually open it, don’t you?

Other resources have come to very similar results: overall global open rate is about 94% (where 73% open all text messages, and 21% open just the messages from people known). Another good point is that such promising results are relatively constant across age groups and regions.

Common misunderstandings about SMS marketing

There are some common misunderstandings for using SMS as a marketing channel:

SMS is not free

True, but neither are emails or any other messaging. If we leave aside the costs of content, there are still always costs of the channel, even if they are charged as a flat fee. If you have let’s say 20,000 emails per month and pay let’s say 50 EUR for it, it means that sending one email costs you 0.25 cent. With 20% open rate, the cost of reaching one customer is about 1.25 cent, which is very comparable with costs of SMS.

SMS is too short

True, but the brevity can be on your side. Clear short messages are what you should always strive for in your marketing.

Click rates are not different from email marketing

That’s right, according to Incomaker data, click rates between 1-4% are the same for both SMS and emails despite the huge difference in open rate. But people are not used to clicking on SMS very much and a part of their marketing impact goes beyond clicks.

It is not possible to measure results

We use indirect methods to measure results. Although it is not as comfortable as with some other channels, we still have more data than with offline channels and enough for evaluating results.

It is not possible to personalize SMS the same way as emails

This is not true. There are technologies that can do almost the same with SMS as they do with emails in the terms of personalization. E.g. Incomaker has a personalization engine that can do virtually the same for SMS as for emails.

Consider using SMS as a part of your digital marketing mix. It is not that overcrowded, and the results could be surprising.